matt chrome
light wood


Foot-operated door retainer. Screw fixation (screws not included).


Very robust door retainer, designed for very heavy and large doors.

You operate the retaining mechanism with your foot.

Non-slip rubber door retainer.

Estimated life span for correct use: more than 10,000 cycles

Screw fixation (screws not included).

Product measures (height x width x depth)
154x44x25 mm.

Logistic data


Retaining and keeping a door open.

Preventing unexpected door slams.


Take the piece and lower the retaining mechanism.

Place the retainer next to the door, leaving a distance of 2.3 mm high between the non-slip rubber and the floor.

Mark the position of the door retainer and drill the holes.

Screw the door retainer in the door.

Tips and tricks

Not recommended for floors that are very uneven.

When installing the door retainer, place a €1 coin between the non-slip rubber and the floor (its thickness is approximately 2.3 mm).

Indoor and outdoor use.