and environment

Committed to nature

Saint Genís, S.A. is environmentally responsible and establishes sustainable and environmentally friendly policies and procedures.


Pan European Forest Certification

We encourage the careful handling of the environment, guaranteeing that our company's activity is carried out in accordance with forest sustainability criteria.


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Integrated Waste Management

Adherence to the Sectorial Prevention Plan, whereby we commit to progressively reducing the packaging in our products.


Saint Genis S.A. declares its commitment to compliance with the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemical substances). Saint Genis S.A. declares, on the basis of information provided by our suppliers, that the substances/compounds incorporated in its products comply with the requirements of the REACH regulation.


Saint Genis S.A. also complies with the provisions of the RoHS II directive (2011/65/EU) for its products included in the range of electric wire fasteners.