Self-bonding tape (19 mm x 3 m). Since this product only takes 5 minutes to vulcanise, it forms a waterproof and very resistant compact mass. The black tape acts as an electrical insulator while the white tape acts as a water leak sealant.


Displays good physical and electrical properties with a high degree of stability.

The tape vulcanises quickly once stretched (5 minutes) without the need for a heat or pressure source.

Compatible with a wide range of plastic and rubber dielectric insulators, including PE, EPR, PVC, butyl and neoprene.

This product can be removed cleanly from most substrates, making it suitable for temporary repairs.

Excellent ozone resistance.

Highly resistant to prolonged immersions in water.

Easy to handle and apply: the product is supplied in the form of a strip with a protective intercalated liner.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
19x3000x0,5 mm.

Logistic data


Connection/repair of electrical wiring of up to 46 kV.

Waterproofing of telephone lines (inc. underground).

Insulation, waterproofing and protection of electrical components.

Protection of cables and components in parabolic antennas.

Protection of joints in coastal environments.

Plumbing repair work. Protection against the corrosion of metal channelling components.


Clean the surface to be sealed.

Cut the piece required for the repair with scissors.

Peel off the protective paper from the tape.

Very important: stretch the tape while sticking it around the edge of the surface to be repaired, overlapping secure layers and applying pressure. Vulcanisation will take no longer than 5 minutes, after which the tape will form an airtight, waterproof, electrical-insulating and very resistant compact mass.

Tips and tricks

White tape is recommended for works that involve the presence of water, while black tape is recommended for electrical works. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.