Flexible draft buster seal made from high density polyethylene with polyester textile coating for better sliding.


It acts as a thermal insulator, insulating from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer, creating a comfortable climate and atmosphere at home.

It means energy savings in heating or air conditioning systems.

It can be easily cut with scissors to fit the width of the door.

It does not require adhesive or screws for installation, it is placed by sliding it under the door.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
27x950x105 mm.

Logistic data


It prevents dust from entering and air from passing under the doors.

It covers gaps between the floor and the door of up to 2.2 cm.


Measure the total width of the door to be insulated.

Mark the measurement on the draft buster seal and cut it out.

Place the draft buster seal by sliding it under the door.