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Aerator with steering ball joint and two positions: Atomised stream and shower stream. 40% saving in water consumption. Clamp fixation 100% adaptable to non-threaded taps.


Adaptable to non-threaded taps with diameters between 10 mm and 20 mm by means of a clamp.

Steering ball joint.

Dual function: Atomised stream and shower.

Savings of up to 40% in water consumption according to tests in Applus approved laboratories.

Pressure of 3-5 bar.

Made in Germany in high quality finishes.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
86x36x36 mm.

Logistic data


Save in water consumption


Release the filter from the tap (by hand or with a spanner).

Place the rubber seal to reduce the water flow inside the diffuser.

Adapt the aerator to the tap through the built-in clamp.

Lower the position of the diffuser to make the water come out as a shower stream, or raise it to make it come out as an atomised stream.

Tips and tricks

Dismantle periodically to clean with anti-lime products to ensure proper functioning.