matt chrome


Metallic door stop with silicone shock absorber. Screw fixation (included).


Zamak alloy door stop.

Shaped to withstand strong impacts.

Screw fixation (screws included).

Product measures (height x width x depth)
26x45x45 mm.

Logistic data


Dampens the door impact while protecting the wall. Screw fixation: suitable for sturdy or armoured interior doors.


First, screw the supplied aligning shaft into the door stop.

Mark the installation spot and drill a hole with an 8 mm for the aligning shaft.

Place the door stop with the shock absorber towards the door, and use a pencil to mark the second-hole spot for the fixing plug and screw.

Remove the door stop during the process.

Once the hole is drilled, place the fixing plug and fasten the door stop with the screw.

Tips and tricks

It is recommended that the door stop be set as far away from the hinges as possible.

It is advisable to fasten the door stop in the joints between floorings, without drilling them, so that if you decide to remove the door stop in the future, you can easily cover the hole with putty.