matt chrome


Door stop with shock absorbing and silent effect. Adhesive fixation and optional screw fixation (screws not included).


Silent door stop with shock absorber; it absorbs door impacts silently.

Adhesive fixation, optionally with screws (not included).

Product measures (height x width x depth)
24x40x48 mm.

Logistic data


It prevents impacts of the door against the wall.

The moving part damps the blow while protecting the door.

The adhesive fixation is suitable for interior doors and smooth surfaces.

Screw fixation is recommended for solid or armoured doors.

Indoor use.


Adhesive fixation

Clean with a cloth with alcohol the surface where the door stop will be fixed, then clean it with a dry cloth.

Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive. Fix the door stop in the desired place and press it down firmly.


Screw fixation

Remove the decorative cover from the door stop.

Choose the place where you will place the door stop and mark with a pencil the points where you will screw it.

Drill the holes and place the plugs.

Place the door stop and screw it in.

Put the decorative cover to conceal the screws.

Tips and tricks

It is recommended that the door stop be set as far away from the hinges as possible.

If installed using a screw, it is advisable to fix the door stop in the joint between floor tiles, thus avoiding drilling the tile and in case you want to remove the door stop in the future you can easily cover the hole with putty.