Door stop with screw fixation (screws included).


Door stop with plastic shock absorber.

Suitable for use on floors or walls.

It incorporates a decorative cover to conceal the screw.

Screw fixation (screws included).

Product measures (height x width x depth)
34x28x28 mm.

Logistic data


Dampens the impact of the door, protecting the wall.

Suitable for interior doors.


Using a screwdriver, press down on the lower part of the door stop until the lid is removed.

Mark the installation spot.

Using a 6 mm drill bit, make a hole and insert the plug.

Place the door stop with the screw and screw on.

As the last step, put the lid on.

Tips and tricks

If placed on the floor, fixing the door stop as far away from the hinges as possible is recommended.

If it is placed on the floor, fixing the door stop in the joint between floor tiles is advisable, this way you avoid drilling into the floor tile and if you want to remove the door stop in the future you can easily cover the hole with putty.