Multi-figure non-slip transparent adhesive buffers.
Includes the following sizes:
Ø8 mm - 16 units
Ø13 mm - 4 units
Ø19 mm - 4 units
18x13 mm - 8 units
25x19 mm - 4 units


They have great damping power against bumps and vibrations.
The material is highly resistant to the passage of time and temperatures, always maintaining its adhesiveness and transparency. Non-slip effect with high friction coefficient.
Resistant to most solvents (great resistance to abrasion).
Visually discreet thanks to their transparency and size.
Multi-purpose (furnishings, doors and windows, crafts, etc).
36 multi-figure non-slip adhesive buffers, great for different applications (impacts of furniture doors, bases to support glass, bases of decorative elements, etc.)

Product measures (height x width x depth)

Logistic data


They protect and cushion drawers and cabinet doors.
They prevent door slamming, impact, scratches, rubs, slides, vibrations and noise.
Protective pad for glasses.


Clean the space where the transparent buffers will be placed using a cloth with alcohol.
Fix the part to the desired location and press it down firmly to ensure adhesion.

Tips and tricks

Ideal for placing in bases of small objects, electronic equipment, keyboards, clocks, speakers, etc.