Aluminium tape (50 mm x 10 m). Very robust tape with an aluminium layer and acrylic adhesive. It is mainly used in industrial and professional applications. Ideal for sealing joints or seams where high temperatures, steam and/or humidity are present.


High degree of adhesion.

Very resistant: mechanical resistance to humidity and steam, high and low temperatures, oils, acids and the passing of time.

Temporary or permanent fixings.

Operating temperature: -30 / +120ºc.

Application temperature: +15 / +40ºc

High performance, professional grade.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
50x10000x0,07 mm.

Logistic data


Seal joints and seams in environments where good resistance to vapours and high temperatures is required.

Masking works when the properties provided by the aluminium film are required.


Clean the surface of the space to be sealed.

Attach the aluminium tape to the area to be repaired.

If the tape has to be wrapped around the area to be repaired, stretch the tape as much as possible at the time of fixing to ensure a more durable repair.

Cut the remaining tape.

Tips and tricks

Temporary or permanent fixings.

Professional and industrial uses.