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The water-resistant double-sided adhesive tape is specially designed to withstand hot and humid environments, as well as direct contact with water. It allows objects (mirrors, soap dishes, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, etc) to be fixed using adhesive, thus avoiding the need to drill holes and cause damage to floor or wall tiles.


Instant grip.

Special direct-contact adhesive that offers immediate maximum adhesive power with no need to wait 24 hours, as required for conventional adhesives.

1 kg resistance per 3 cm surface.

Not recommended for vertically sticking objects weighing more than 5 kg.

Suitable for use on smooth, dust-free and grease-free surfaces. Fixing on porous surfaces or on LSE (Low Surface Energy) coating can reduce the indicated performance.

Operating temperature: between -25ºC and 80ºC.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
19x1500x1 mm.

Logistic data


Attachment on floor and wall tiles in wet areas with high temperatures, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Tips and tricks

Although It is recommended for indoor use, it also produces decent results when used outdoors.