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Multi-functional adhesive tape (50 mm x 25 m) to fit carpets, rugs, felts, rubber floors, etc. on different surfaces, including uneven surfaces.


Easy to cut.

Permanent and secure fixing.

Suitable for all types of carpets and floors (including uneven ones).

Product measures (height x width x depth)
50x2500x0,8 mm.

Logistic data


Fitting of carpets, rugs, rubbers floors, laminates and other elements on floors and surfaces.


To ensure that the double-sided tape is fully adhered to the floor, clean the entire surface with a cloth and rubbing alcohol before placing it.

Place the strips of double-sided adhesive tape, always starting at the perimeter of the surface, without peeling off the protective paper from the top of the tape until the carpet is laid down.

When you get to the corners, cut off excess tape with scissors.

Lay down the carpet on the floor, ensuring that it is well centred, and leave a small margin at the ends.

Lay down the carpet, and use a cutter and scissors to shape it, taking special care at corners and angles.

Once the carpet is settled, slowly pull it backwards and peel off the protective paper from the double-sided adhesive tape.

Fit the carpet, starting from the centre and towards the ends.

Fit the carpet to one half of the surface first before fitting it to the other half; this makes the job easier and ensures that it is done more consistently.

Tips and tricks

This tape is also suitable for handicrafts and decorations.

Indoor use.