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Optimizing the use of heating to save energy

Find out what are the best optimization tips with the use of heating at home to save energy during the winter months and save on your bills.

If you want to save on electricity and gas bills in your home, we provide you with the following list of tips that Papernest provides for optimizing the use of home heating systems to save energy and save money.

Improve the conditions of your energy contracts

The first step to simply save on your home energy supply bills is to find the best offer when contracting electricity and natural gas, energy that your home heating system directly depends on.

It is best that you use a rate comparator that takes into account the particular conditions of your electricity consumption. In this case, the comparator will provide you with a list of results with the rates of companies such as Podo, Endesa, Iberdrola and many other marketers present in the Spanish energy market whose offers match what you are looking for. Regarding the hiring, we suggest you carefully read the conditions of the rate you want to apply before proceeding. For example: If you are interested in any of the Podo electricity rates, you can do it directly from the light comparator or by calling the Podo customer service telephone number to proceed with the contracting.

Similarly, you can use the same system to find the best option when contracting natural gas for your home in case you have a heating system of these characteristics. There are many companies like EDP that have electricity and gas rates at the same time. This means that within the EDP rate catalog it can be in combination or separately, although the OCU always recommends that it be done independently to always get the best price for each option. Contracting each type of supply with different companies is a right for all users, so do not hesitate to compare EDP's rates with other companies such as Naturgy or Repsol when contracting gas.

Invest in thermal insulation solutions for the home

To significantly reduce the amount of your bills, we are going to provide you with the following tricks that will make your home make much more efficient use of energy resources:

Rehabilitate the facades of your home using the SATE system and resort to the injection of insulating material in the ceilings and walls of your home.

Give a coat of thermal paint in all rooms choosing light colors that promote luminosity.

Insulation panels and cork and wood coverings on various surfaces.

Solid wood doors without gaps or glass, on which you can apply joints, weatherstripping and sweepers on the edges to ensure insulation.

Double PVC and aluminum windows with low-emissivity glass on whose margins you can apply weatherstripping to improve sealing and insulation.

Blinds and curtains and don't forget to put insulating material over the blind drawer.

Decorative elements that promote the conservation of optimal temperature conditions such as doormats and rugs together at the points of greatest current.

Invest in alternative systems to cover your home's heating supply like those mentioned in the following article.

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