Design and innovation,

A creative nature

The development of our own designs and new product concepts, which are often patented, allows us to differentiate ourselves and to stand as a benchmark in terms of design and quality in the mind of the consumers.


Some patents or designs to be highlighted include:

Broom hook

Flexible clamp for support of handles.

European patent Nr. 0507721.


Device for support and protection of light electrical installations.

Utility model No. 280.828. (Spain)

Brevet d'invention (France) Nr. 8511786.

Paper clip.

Paper clip.

Patent Nr. 200500483 (Spain)

Door Retainer 2037

Retaining stop for doors and the like.

European patent Nr. 0903458

Hanger 3088


Registered community Design Nr. 245964.

Hook 2312


Registered community design No. 277645.

Water resistant hangers

Hangers with water resistant adhesive

"Tape" Reg. C.D. nº005341005-0001
"Branch" Reg. C.D. nº005341005-0002
"Double branch" Reg. C.D. nº005341005-0003
"Drop" Reg. C.D. No. 005341005-0004