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The 80 x 60 mm gel plaque acts as a super-transparent and virtually invisible double-sided adhesive that enables small everyday objects of up to 350 g to be attached to flat, non-porous surfaces (e.g. tiles, melamine and glass). It can be cut out, reused, removed and leaves no trace after being removed. Fixation by means of peel-off technology.


Transparent double-sided adhesive on flat, non-porous surfaces.

Facilitates hanging of objects up to 350 g.

Multiple applications for the home, car, at work, etc.

Can be cut with scissors to the desired length.

Removable and reusable, it fixes objects temporarily or permanently.

Once removed, it leaves no trace.


Fixation by means of peel-off technology.

Product measures (height x width x depth)
80x60x2 mm.

Logistic data


Fixation of small objects


Easy to install

Wipe the surface clean with a cloth and alcohol.

Cut out a piece of the gel plaque with scissors (in proportion to the object to be fixed).

Stick the gel plaque on the object and fix it to the required area.



Remove the gel plaque from its location and from the object.

Wash the gel plaque under a tap with soap and water.

Dry the gel plaque by shaking it in the air or with a dryer.

Use again.

Tips and tricks

Use on flat, non-porous surfaces only.

After washing, it is recommended to dry the gel plaque with a hairdryer so that the piece recovers its adhesiveness quickly.

Cut pieces of the gel plaque in proportion to the object to be fixed, using a larger piece of gel plaque than needed could cause a higher than expected adhesiveness (yet not irreversible).